Some Meals You Really Need to Floss After

Some Meals You Really Need to Floss After

Ever been sitting out at a restaurant, after having finished a delicious meal, and finding yourself trying to dislodge great hulking bits of food from your teeth by just your tongue? Wondering whether to ask for toothpicks, or whether you should just get in there and shove your finger in and trying and retrieve it? There are some foods which can really get in there and cause quite a bit of an annoyance until you need to floss.

The rack of ribs

Ribs are one of those amazing indulgent meals that if you get a chance to order off the menu – and they aren’t too pricey – they’re an automatic yes. That tangy BBQ sauce and meat just falling off the bone, licking your fingers with satisfaction… Yep, ribs are definitely where it’s at. However one of the drawbacks of eating ribs, or perhaps the only drawback if you ask me, is that the delicious meat can easily get stuck in between your teeth. This is especially true if you like to wolf them down. In fact, this sticking in your teeth can happen when you’re eating most meats; it’s not uncommon.

Anything with spinach, kale, or other dark greenery in it

As much as you feel good eating it, there is one thing that dark green veggies are notorious for – getting stuck in your teeth. This can also happen when you have large chunks of herbs with your meal too. This can happen whether the veggies are cooked or not. As it’s often when you’re out for breakfast, it can be handy to keep a little bit of floss in your bag if you’re not planning on being at home anytime soon to sort yourself out. This way you can keep your teeth fresh and clean even while you’re on the go.

Popcorn date at the movies

It’s great fun having an evening or afternoon out at the movies, whether it’s a date, family occasion, or just a catch-up with friends. Inevitably, if you’re going to the movies, you’re going to get a nice big box of popcorn to munch on throughout the flick. That buttery, delicious goodness is just too difficult to say no to and can even help get you through a bad movie! But one thing that popcorn is not great for is getting stuck in your teeth. The little kernel husks can get tucked away around and behind your teeth, leaving you digging away in the dark trying to dislodge them. Make sure that you floss when you get home from the movies to remove all the debris.

Fruit salads or smoothies, particularly those with berries

Depending on what sort of fruits that you have in your fruit salad or smoothie, you may find yourself with little bits, and pieces stuck all in your teeth. This can happen a lot if you have berries such as raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Because the seeds of these berries are so small, they can be quite annoying. Other fruits can also get stuck in your teeth. The skin of apples, for example, is a good one. Other more fibrous fruits like oranges or pineapple can also prove to cause issues, particularly if you aren’t eating them carefully. While it is good to have fruit in your diet just make sure to give your teeth a good floss after having your fruit salad or smoothie.

Regular dental cleans and check ups can also help to keep your teeth in tip top shape, alongside brushing and flossing regularly. If you’re overdue for a trip to the dentist, it’s time to pencil one in.